Our Services

Past and present clients include:


  • Municipalities seeking public works infrastructure, airport, and homeland security funding;
  • Tactical navigation digital compass designer for critical battlefield backup of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology - currently on U.S. and NATO-deployed battlefield vehicles;
  • National Federation of Croatian Americans and the American Bosnian Association - ethnic foreign policy special interest groups;
  • Communications and GIS software, biotechnology, electronics, and fiber optic systems firms;
  • Manufacturers of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and advanced land mine detection;
  • Key Word Spotting and multi-language high density call monitoring systems producers;
  • Hospital and health care providers - including laser angioplasty equipment designers - with Medicare, Medicaid, and related Federal programs interests;
  • Critical infrastructure protection product manufacturers producing new 'blast absorbing' windows, wall coverings, construction block, and bio-hazard/blast protective security doors;
  • Controlled Humidity Preservation (CHP) systems developers of portable forward-based military storage facilities for weapons, vehicles, and spare parts;    
  • Steel tube and security fence designers, manufacturers, and retailers;
  • Investment/tax management and Federal disaster mitigation assistance companies; and
  • International trading entities with tariff relief, patents research, and other needs.


Partial list of clients:


  • Two medium-sized West Coast cities on matters related to municipal services and infrastructure expansion including airport development
  • A Massachusetts fiber optics systems manufacturer providing telecommunications to U.S. military and intelligence services
  • A Virginia patent holder of laser angioplasty technology for cardiac care
  • A Florida distributor of physical infrastructure protection technologies to governments and corporations
  • A Pennyslvania information technology services firm providing Geographical Information Systems and electronic commerce
  • A California agriculture production and land development company on matters of international trade and Federal taxation
  • A Nevada electronic device manufacturer including surge protection and EMP hardening
  • A Virginia firm providing on-ship training for the U.S. Navy
  • A Florida government contractor that performs inspections after Federally declared disasters
  • A Virginia fire suppression liquid concentrate manufacturer